How To Customize Your Peat Mud Bath

peat organic mud bath

Customizing with Dead Sea Salt

When you love your mud bath and all the benefits, why not customize it to make it even better?  Since we are all low in minerals and need them replaced in our bodies, we add the pure, non-coated certified Dead Sea Salt to our baths.  It is also an important addition for those with eczema and psoriasis!  We add one-half to one cup of the Dead Sea Salt to the Peat Mud Bath for added benefits and an amazing softness to the skin.

Customizing with Essential Oils

We also add Bergamot Essential Oil to help with the urinary system, cystitis and discharges.  Since it is known as “Nature’s Prozac”, it is ideal for those with anxiety and depression.  Bergamot is also beneficial when Dead Sea Salts are added at the same time.   Eucalyptus Radiata is added to the bath for the respiratory system; especially useful for fever and easily tolerated by children.  Lavender is so relaxing in the bath as well as excellent for acne, boils, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, sores, and inflammation.  If you have a child or adult that will benefit from being more “calm”, Lavender is definitely the oil of choice.  Rosemary ct.1,8 cineole aids in strengthening the immune system when it is depleted.  (Do not use if prone to epileptic seizures or hypertension.)  Also, Rosemary is helpful for those with poor circulation.

As we have found, essential oils a very beneficial as an addition to our mud bath for many reasons and ailments.  We add 5 to 15 drops and use only Wild Crafted or Organic Essential Oils especially if you desire maximum results.  Make sure you add them before you get into your bath and mix thoroughly.  In addition to all the benefits of bathing in our incredible mud, you will find you will have more energy which we all desire.

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Why I Sell Organic Mud and Skin Care Products

organic skin care and mud productsWhen life gives you lemons…

With love in your heart as Estheticians, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, and all those who take care of others bodies, when you find “Nature’s Love Products” including Muds, Essential Oils and Non-Toxic Skin Care, you embrace them for all they have to offer!

We have everything on this earth to heal ourselves; we just had to learn how to use nature’s gifts!  For the years I have spent teaching how special “muds” are by helping with the health of our bodies and impart a feeling of euphoria (No Lemons), so many have included these products in their treatment rooms and have benefited greatly not only for the benefit of their clients but for their profitability as well!

Sharing these amazing products with so many for the past 14 years has not only benefited others, but me as well.  In 2006 I fell into a 12 foot hole and as a result had 2 compression fractures in the lower part of my back!  Since my work at that time required me to be on my feet most of the day, I chose not to take pain medication and have healing take place with the help of my mud!  I applied the mud to my lower back, applied a plastic wrap and wore this every day for 6 weeks to help with the healing.  I never took pain medication as the mud has “natural salicylic” so the inflammation was addressed in a way not to cause problems with my stomach, liver or kidneys!  Do I believe in “mud therapy”?  You betcha!!!  It has shown me time and time again not only for personal use, but from the testimonials I have received through the years, how effective these products are.

I have also included Dead Sea Salt and Essential Oils with the muds for modalities that have produced amazing results!  Our workshops have produced more “mud ladies” and “mud spas” because when you learn more about their uses and how to personalize and customize these products to your individual clients, it increases their faith in your abilities to help them with their individual situations.  That means “repeat business”!

Thanks for being a part of the journey,
Judy Truitt