Body Treatments, Mud Masks, Baths and Skin Care

We, at Moor Than Mud LLC, are all about providing the best, natural products for your skin care regime. Mud therapy, including Mud Wraps, Body Treatments, Masks and Mud Baths, are known to offer many benefits, like muscle relaxation, improved blood circulation and natural hormone balance, apart from a softer, smoother, healthier skin. It is also beneficial for skin problems like eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and acne.The amazing results from mud therapies include natural healing and detoxifying products, has inspired our company to add non-toxic AMOR SKIN THERAPY to help those with sensitive skin, allergies and who want no toxicity in their skin care products. 


We source our mud from Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Dead Sea mud and salts from Jordon. We have been training, teaching and selling the mud in the US and Puerto Rico for the past 14 years.

 To understand more about the services we provide, check out our photo gallery. We have added pictures of our mud products in action, including wraps and face masks. This also includes before/after treatment photos for eczema. Our muds treat all kinds of skin ailments and provide anti-aging and other skin enhancing benefits. Moor Than Mud LLC’s essential oils offer a great companion to the mud products for further benefit.