Moor Than Mud Clients are very happy with the amazing results they see and feel when they use our products. Below are a few testimonials from our clients:


My mom is still very much paralyzed, but soaking her feet and hands in the mud has created more movement!

All of her care staff has commented on how great she looks and her improvements!

Her feet were horribly cracked, blackened toes and crusty.  The salt scrub with the mud soaks has her skin looking normal!!!

I know you hear this all the time and I've been a mud user for many years, but it still amazes me!

I really cannot tell you how much i appreciate your TLC and the impeccable quality of your products!

Erica C

" I am writing this testimonial about my day that I received a body treatment from Judy with her Hungarian Mud. I lost my Mom after she was in a nursing home for 4 long years, going by 5 to 6 times a week taking care of her, can easily be very exhausting and it was a lot of stress. The very next month I was cleaning one of my clients houses who was 78 years old and had health problems. Anyway, I found her dead at the bottom of the stairs because she fell. The very next day after that I got my body treatment and I was so tense, stressed & couldn’t focus with a horrible headache & somehow I was blessed to get that treatment that day and it physically made me relax and feel better and brought my stress down several notches. Now I take mud baths, I drink the mud for my inflammation in my body and I just want to say Judy and her products are wonderful."

- Tara H.

" I was so astonished at what happened moments ago, that I offer a testimonial to your mud product.

Last night I was so constipated from having consumed so much delicious food that I became constipated to the extent that it kept me up virtually all night and very uncomfortable.

When Judy asked me if I would like to have a “glass of mud water”, I thought she was crazy.

Within 10 minutes of consuming the “glass of mud water”, I had a bowel movement and felt so much better that I purchased more of the Moor Mud!"

- Sidney W.

" I have to share with you the most amazing experience my girlfriend had detoxing with the Hungarian Mud! She has had 75 chemotherapy treatments the past year and a half. The other night she FINALLY took a mud bath and she said all of her pain went away! She couldn’t believe the mud helped her so much! I bought her a bucket of mud the other day. Thank You So Much!!!! Love it, Love you !!!!! "

- Denise M.

" I was climbing on Loveland Pass last winter at an elevation of 13,000+ feet. The temperature was -15 and the wind was blowing in excess of 50 MPH. I got two nickle size spots of frostbite on my face. Upon returning home later that day I immediately put the mud on the frostbitten area. Once the mud was removed I applied the facial moisturizer. I repeated this procedure just before bedtime. That night the frostbitten areas turned red. The next morning the two areas had turned black and by the following morning a scab had formed. I kept doing my treatment twice a day and applied the moisturizer every 4 hours. My skin was almost completely healed within 7 days. Today I have no trace of any skin discoloration whatsoever. "

- Rich J., Golden, Colorado.

" I just want to say a big thank you to all Judy does with Moor Than Mud. My son-in-law has arthritis throughout his whole body. I took some pain cream to him and he used it that night before he went to bed. He woke up the next morning and said he had no pain. He told me he hasn’t woke up without pain in so long. I was so happy this helped. I took some to my mother who is 83 and has had a lot of back pain which the doctors just ignore, and she too tried it and feels a lot better. I have a few more people I am trying it on and I know it will be a great help to them. I also love the rest of the line Judy has.

Thanks again for having this available for all to try."

- Cindy S.

" I am one of many folks, in the world we live in today, that is allergic to all kinds of preservatives and perfumes. I have spent so much money, time and effort trying to find things that I could use that would not make me have an allergic reaction. Unfortunately, to my dismay, there are many companies that are trying to make money and do not have integrity behind their products. Your products are like a fresh drink of water in the middle of a desert. They are soooo wonderful! They do what they say they do without adding hurt and disappointment to the mix. I was so surprised that they added an extra benefit. The various products actually help get the symptoms of the issues I have under control and even prevent some of my issues. It’s great to have the science for these products, given in great detail, and to experience such great end results every day. I would suggest anyone try these products because they are really fantastic, helpful and priced great. Thanks for your company being one of the few out there that are in the know about issues people like me have with our bodies. I am truly lucky to have your products. "

- Ramona F.

" Moor Than Mud has made a huge difference in mine and my fiancé’s life! My fiancé suffers from anxiety that unfortunately has been a very hard thing to overcome and has been quite life changing. We have tried medication after medication and therapy but nothing really helped. Then I purchased the Mud! After just one mud bath and using Bergamot essential oil, my fiancé said he couldn’t remember the last time he had felt that good! These products are miracles. After just one use he noticed a difference not even a doctor could make in his mood and body. I would recommend these products to anyone! In fact I work in health care and take care of people who day to day suffer from excruciating pain. I bought the pain cream and used it for several of my patients and after only 5 minutes there was an AMAZING relief for all of them! I thank everyone involved in the Moor Than Mud company for creating products that have effective results and work miracles that aren’t achieved even with prescriptions! Thank you so much! You guys are amazing and anyone second guessing using mud or essential oils DON’T! The only thing you’ll regret is not treating yourself to better living! "

- Ashlea

" I would like to relate my experience using Moor mud. The first weekend in March I was walking with friends when I twisted my ankle and fell on the side walk, I fell on my right side hit my head on the sidewalk. My glasses were broken and I bruised the right side of my face, my eye and nose. I applied ice as soon as I could and started using Arnica gel.

Five days later the bruising was so bad I didn’t want to leave the house. That night before I went to bed I decided to try a facial using the Moor Mud. The next morning my husband said “wow”, I looked in the mirror and the bruising was significantly reduced. I continued using the mud, after a week the only bruising left was on the bridge of my nose. My friends were amazed at how quickly I healed.

Moor Mud should be in every first home."

- Jean B.